Travel Grants

PLEASE NOTE: The 2020 E&GD Travel Grant deadline is postponed until further notice.  

The Dean’s Initiative in Epigenetics and Gene Dynamics has Travel Awards available for graduate students and postdocs at HMS or an HMS-affiliated institution whose project relates to epigenetics or gene expression.  The award provides $2,000 (subject to taxes; see Award Administration section for details) to support travel costs to attend a meeting at which they will present their research.

  • Application deadline: 
    The 2020 E&GD Travel Grant deadline is postponed until further notice.  We will update everyone as we have more information.  We apologize for any inconvenience. (March 12, 2020)
  • Submit a pdf that includes:
    • A cover letter of not more than one page stating the meeting you plan to attend and how it’s relevant to your project
    • Your CV
    • An abstract for the meeting

 Send email with materials to

Award Administration:

The travel awards are issued as one-time prize payments as opposed to a reimbursement for expenses incurred.  As such, it is considered taxable compensation, but we will be including an additional $100 to at least partially account for the tax implication.  If selected for funding, the program will follow up with award recipients for any paperwork they may need to complete.  We anticipate being able to issue awards before the end of June 2020. 

Please Note:

  • Recipients from HMS-affiliated institutions on H1B visas – the recipient’s home institution will need to invoice HMS so that the recipient’s home institution can pay the recipient as H1B visa holders are not allowed outside compensation 
  • J1 visa holders that are sponsored by an HMS-affiliated institution  need to get prior permission to receive the award from their International Office.